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DDLC Badminton Finals - The Joy, the Tears, the Laughter and the Results...

by Ger McGloin - Roving Reporter

The last 2 nights have been an emotional gastronomical and physical rollercoaster...and I wasn’t even playing. I am broken this morning with bits of me screaming with cramp. We witnessed comebacks that your man Lazarus would have to doff his hat at in appreciation. So once again De Wimen have shone through.

As for last nights entertainment ...we all had our allocated seating arranged... I had a comfy chair (my arse was never as happy) and we were all set for road. Mary-Anne and Gerogie were up first into the Colosseum ...1 up...then 1 all... and the tension was building...and then the Sniper on the grassy knoll took Georgie out and she hit the floor and rolled and the knee and ankle were gone...who wrote this script...So first game forfeit and then in unison everybody looked around for The Pen knife Bruen and there she was like a deer in headlights but ar nos na gaoithe she was up and stripping...till Kate told her she would be better off taking herself off to the changing rooms.

This is where Georgie decided to get her own back on me for a lot of abuse and she demanded me comfy comfy cushioned seat and then that wasn’t good enough she wanted to go for a smoke..."Ger where’s the wheelchair?" and that’s when I became a carer...Push me here Ger.. I wanna go here Ger...God that was bumpy...She was like the feckin' Queen Mother on one of her parade routes inspecting "The Staff"...Hurry up Ger I will miss the start of the next game...and then the novelty wore off as I realised I was back on the bloody floor as some chancer had swooped in and stolen me comfy arse

So next up were Ann-T and Clare and what a 3 setter we were treated to...Clare must’ve taken some serious Red Bull and "something" as she was jumping around like a 3 year old with a full bladder with Missus-T marshalling the net like a politician hunting babies to kiss, she missed nothing...some smiles come the finish as the game was in the BDBC mala.

This gets better...Anne B stepped in after days of being Ullamh it was her time to shine and she used every single one of the gadgets in her pen knife ..even the little one you use for gutting fish and sewing nets. Herself and Clare romped home to huge cheers.

Where’s the folk on the floor need sustenance to keep up this cheering as its not easy I tell ye. The triangle sambos were produced and done the round as it only made it up the line as they were milled. The Fruit pastilles were given a hammering and we were ready for the clincher.

Mary-Anne and Ann-T and we got another battle royal. We knew it was going to be a tight shout coming down the stretch to get the result we needed and they fought on regardless with Mary-Annes flaming locks everywhere on the court.... there were a few "tight" line calls but the supporters left it in no doubt that it was "out" and the umpire was satisfied and we were rewarded with some jellies to help with the guilt.

A 2-2 draw....but the dreaded points meant it was a win for Knocklyon.

It wasn't to be our night but what a gracious team Knocklyon were as even with the joy of winning they took time to come over and present Mary-Anne with some lovely words and a gorgeous Rose plant for Alice...Cant buy class.

Now I did mention Lazarus earlier....yeah Georgie did manage to hobble around and get in the team foho...thanks be to fupp as I had handed in my carers badge and free parking permit by then as its not for me...Georgie get better soon...

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