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Baldoyle L7 vs Holywell L3

Date: 07 Nov 2017

Location: Baldoyle

Baldoyle Ladies 7: Marie, Gillian, Cathy(s), Emma(s)

Score: 3-1 to Holywell

Disappointing result from a well fought, hard lost match. 12 games in all. We knew it was going to be a fight - Marie had played with a couple of the ladies on the opposition in the past.

I hope they were as sore as we were following the battle.

We started out well winning the first match, but lost the second.

The third and fourth matches were played concurrently - Emma playing through a back injury which was aggravated in her previous game and Gillian cleaning the floor with her knees - Marie and Cathy managed to keep their composure and dignity.

Cathy and Gillian finished their match first, losing out in the third game and hoped a win from Marie and Emma would result in a draw.

Despite injury and never having played together before, Emma and Marie were only just beaten at 22-20 in the third. The handfuls of Nurofen, physio on the sideline and Voltarol may have helped but we expect it was just sheer determination.

With a bit of consideration and practice we will put up an even greater fight in the away leg and win or die tryin'.

- Cillian Geary

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