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Book Your Place @ Our Fab Xmas Party!

It’s Xmas Party Time! HO, HO, HO....the Halloween decorations are back in the attic and it's full steam ahead for the festive season. I's a little bit early but we've got to get our skates on and book our 'Legendary' attendance at the Badminton Ireland Annual Awards Party.

This will be our 3rd year attending and it promises to be an even better night than previous years ! (see pics of last year in the gallery below - tap & swipe)

Many people have already indicated they will be going – it looks like we will have at least 40 people attending which will be a great turn out from the best and most sociable Badminton Club! So here's the key details: Cost: €40.00

Venue: Clayton Hotel, Dublin Airport When: Saturday 9th December, 2017

Arrival: Drinks reception from 6.30 to 7:30

Dinner: Everyone seated for 8.00 Menu: See below for full details

Allergies: A gluten free/ vegetarian option can be arrange but please let John Ryan know when booking. Entertainment: There will be approx. one hour of live guitar/covers by David Marron + DJ will be from about 10:30/11 - 1/1:30. Bar Extension: There will be a bar in the room open until 2a.m. where you can buy drinks. Overnight Stay: For those of you mad ones who will want to make a full night of it (the pre-drinks) and not have to worry about driving home or getting a taxi at 2 a.m. here is some of the information on the hotel rooms prices (includes breakfast!) Single: €100 Double: €120 Triple: €140 (Accommodation bookings through Badminton Ireland Craig McCourtney close on the 9th November*. After that date, you will need to go through the hotel directly and prices may differ.) Don't miss out on the event of the year, BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!

John Ryan will be available in the badminton hall on the following dates: 9th, 14th, 16th & 21st November to COLLECT MONEY – cost is €40 a head.

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