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Baldoyle Mx4 away to Aer Lingus Mx1

The Journey

Monday evening and Mx4 (Ann T, Fionuala, John B & Mick S) had a cup match away to Aer Lingus. It feels like only yesterday that Mx4 headed off for this match with the music of The Beatles playing in the background. Before departing, our own Fab 4 of Mx4 went through their pre-flight manoeuvres, checking their seats belts and ensuring they had enough fuel for the journey. They went on a bit of a magical mystery tour on the long and winding road that eventually brought them to ALSAA. Because they were day trippers, they were told to travel light.

The Arrival

John & Mick were refused entry as they were over the permitted weight allowance. It felt like we were back in the USSR as at one point we were waiting for the lads to be given a ticket to ride on a Paddywagon to the nearest holding cell. “Help” they cried as security tried to manhandle them to a room affectionately called “Penny Lane”. Thankfully, one of the Aer Lingus players shouted to the security man “hey Jude, we can work it out”. After a bit of a twist & shout and with a little help from my friends, the 2 lads were allowed access to the hallowed halls of ALSAA.

The Match….

Imagine our dismay when we discovered we had to share the centre with a bunch of screaming girls playing basketball continually shouting “yours”, “get back”, “mine”, “she loves you”, “throw it”. Anyway, once our delicate ears got used to the noise level we were good to go. We had 2 courts to start. Ann & Fionuala got off to a flying start and never let the Aer Lingus ladies settle. After two hard fought games, the ladies had us 1 up (nothing new there I hear you shout). Ann then disappeared off to Duty Free as she was looking to buy a yellow submarine for one of her grandkids. Fionuala also took off to get some perfume on special and so avoid having to pay heavy duty to the dreaded taxman.

The lads were involved in a humdinger of a match and after a slow start had managed to claw the first game back to 19-19 – or had they…? There was a bit of a dispute about the score but rather than start a revolution, the lads took a very calm approach and went all Ringo Starr spouting such crap like “peace & love” and “all you need is love” but in the end they lost the first game. However, something seemed to fire up our 2 heavyweights and back they came to win the next 2 games. Baldoyle now 2 up.

Next came the mixed, not our strongest point. Mick who was captain was mulling over the pairings but in the end decided to let it be, so he went out first with Fionuala. Possibly due to all the shopping in duty free and having to work 8 days a week, our intrepid duo never got going and lost out in 2 games. 2-1 to Baldoyle and things are getting a wee bit tense.

Now it was up to Ann & John – “don’t let me down” shouted the team captain. After a clinical performance that had even the blackbird outside signing with praise, our duo won in 2 games so Mx4 were through to the next round 3-1.

Aer Lingus provided a lovely supper which was very welcome after such a hard day’s night. With their bellies full and a little smile on their faces our Fab 4 headed home through the Strawberry fields on Abbey Road.

A special mention to our great supporters Tanya & Ambrose who provided great encouragement on the night, although I think Mick may have got his wires crossed as they were leaving and Ambrose said I want to hold your hand. A quick exit was made with a mumbling “hello, goodbye see you Tuesday”.

- Chestim H Lima

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