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Website Launch date to be confirmed...

As I mentioned in my last post I'm busy working with the committee on finalising details to be included in our brand spanking new WEBSITE. The plan is to launch the website when the club returns and we hold our annual 'Welcome' social evening for the new members to our club.

We will demo the website on the night (please god we'll have decent internet) and hope to get your feedback and suggestions on the night. The website will naturally evolve over time as we fine tune it to our users needs and as content is generated.

I would ask all club members to get involved whether it be by accessing and using the site, to taking photos and supplying text/captions/match reports and anything you may think of to enhance the user experience.

I would ask for your patience as we get this off the ground as there will inevitably be glitches (technical or otherwise). It also takes a bit of work to make sure the site displays OK on mobiles and tablets so bear with me.

The club deserves a first class website that shows all we are as a club, has great resources and plenty of content that members and others will want to visit again and again. With your help we can make this FABULOUS.


John B

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