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2019 Annual General Meeting



Attendees: 33 (Including the committee of 5)

Chaired by DW: Full committee in attendance.

1) Minutes of previous year AGM circulated and accepted.

2) Review of the Year: It was said how well all teams performed in leagues and cup and especially Ladies 4 who won both Cup and League in their division, Thank you to selectors.

3) Treasurer’s Report – Detailed account presented by M.S., discussing all incomes and club expenditures over the course of the past 12 months. Finance report accepted. A minor price increase to the annual fees was also discussed. - Accepted.

4) (A) Coaching – M.S. to enquire about general coaching in Sept. Up to individual teams to get their own coaching if they so require. - Accepted.

(B) It was decided to implement the rule that  non-attendance of team members regularly on club nights, should not be considered for teams in September 2019, but could put themselves forward as a sub. – Accepted

(C) Bad board – Starting in Sept – It is up to the individual to click themselves in on the Bad Board, and whoever is on duty to be down at 7.50 to get organised and set up, if you can’t make the night assigned to you it is up to you to get a replacement. - Accepted.

5) Selection Committee – As the present ladies selectors are from Division 5 and 6, we asked for one to step down and allow a member from Div. 7/8/9 to be elected on in her place, G.C. kindly offered.

6) Election of new selector from Div. 7/8/9.  M.A., P.K. C.D and L.S. went forward and it was put to a vote and M.A. duly elected.

7) Election of Club Committee, as no one put themselves forward the present committee staying on.


Chairperson: D.W., Club Sec: M.C, Treasurer: M.S., Match Sec: D.C., I.T. J.B., Social Directors: J.R. and G.R.

8) Last Social Night - Pizza and Fun / Games night on 2nd May 2019.

9) Summer Club – starting second week in June at a cost of €8 a night.

10) A.O.B

  • Club Team T-Shirts, looks better if all team wear similar, maybe their own Black or Blue T-Shirt and get Baldoyle Logo screen print on it.

  • Baldoyle Banner – G.R/E.D.P. suggested we all contribute €2 for banner.

  • Club nights in the Cabin – Have respect for people on Bad Board and allow them space and peace to organise games.  Also, people on Bad Board to be there by 7.50 p.m.

  • Courts in the hall are in bad state, talk to Centre Manager re: this issue.

Meeting finished at 11.00 pm and Chairperson thanked everyone for the year.

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